Can anyone book a celebrity headliner?

Generally speaking, yes, anyone can hire a celebrity headliner providing they have the necessary resources. To that end, however, booking a celebrity headliner is an expensive undertaking and comes with a host of liabilities and shouldn’t be attempted without the partnership of a professional talent buyer.

How much does it cost to book a celebrity headliner?

The cost of booking a celebrity headliner varies greatly depending on a variety of factors including the artist’s notoriety, number of hit songs, the artist’s age and willingness to perform and their touring schedule to name a few. Sometimes it can cost as little as five figures, but well-known acts typically demand six, seven or even eight figures. In addition to the artist’s performance fee, you need to factor in their travel and accommodations, production (instruments, amps, sound system, lighting, staging, equipment operators), onsite hospitality, security, venue rental and other rider expenses. However, for the right event having a superstar musician appear can provide a once in a lifetime experience, well worth the expense.

Can I present a celebrity headliner performance at my home?

Assuming your home has the adequate space to build a safe and secure performance environment, yes, you can present a celebrity headliner at your private residence. That said, building a performance environment to the specifications of a celebrity headliner from scratch is an expensive and complex undertaking that should only be attempted with the assistance of a professional talent buyer and producing team.

For what type of events do you hire celebrity headliners?

  • Corporate events such as business meetings, conferences, trade shows, award shows, product launches, company milestones and any other company gathering
  • Social events such as birthday parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, sweet sixteens and any other social gathering
  • Non-profit events such as charity and fundraising events

What type of music artist genres can I hire?

You can book an artist from virtually any genre but our primary categories are as follows:

How long does the booking process typically take?

From the initial inquiry, finalizing a booking with an artist can take anywhere from 1 – 6 months. The variables are driven by the amount of time it takes to zero in on an artist, present and get an offer accepted and the amount of time it takes to negotiate and execute the full contract. The more lead time the better as artists and their management teams are incredibly busy and usually slow to respond.

How does Celebrity Headliner secure performers for my event?

You choose a favorite top performer that you would like to have perform at your event. Our team will contact the artist to set up a date, time, and price for your event. 

What is a performance rider?

Performance riders are an important part of any celebrity artist booking. A rider is a document that outlines all the requirements an artist has in order to deliver their best performance. This includes an artist’s sound system, lighting and staging specifications, travel requirements, security requirements and catering requirements to name a few. Riders aren’t just about making sure a musician has their favorite snacks: they provide road crews with essential information to ensure performers’ safety and comfort in addition to providing great sound quality so fans can enjoy every live show. With a properly filled out performance rider, musicians can be sure they’ll give their audience a stellar experience every time!

How does the booking process work?

  • You will contact Celebrity Headliner and discuss artist options.
  • After choosing an artist, our team will submit a formal offer to the artist on your behalf. The artist will either accept, counter or reject the offer. Once basic deal points have been agreed to by both parties, a formal contract with additional terms and conditions will be presented by the artist. We will negotiate the terms of this agreement on your behalf. Once both parties are satisfied with the contract language, you will execute the agreement and pay a 50% Deposit. Pre-production begins which includes the coordination of all production elements, travel and onsite hospitality requirements. .
  • A Celebrity Headliner representative provides onsite management ensuring all performance elements run smoothly including production load in and set up, hospitality set up, dressing room assignments, sound checks, meet and greets, etc.

Is there a deposit to book an artist?

A 50% deposit is required when you sign the contract. The remaining balance is due 2 – 3 weeks prior to the event.